Posted in search + social - Apr 18, 2012

Promoting Social Media Pages on Your Website

by Jessica Marinucci
Apr 18, 2012

We’ve all seen them before. In fact, it’s a rare thing to go to a website these days and not see links to a company’s social media pages. However, while many companies have social links on their websites, a lot of companies aren’t capitalizing on the chance to use their websites as a platform to promote social pages like Facebook.  Why is this important? Well for starters, most consumers become social followers of your brand after they see something enticing elsewhere on the web, and oftentimes this is through a company website/blog.

Here are a few tips to help you maximize the social icons on your sites:

  • Place your social icon buttons in a prominent place on your website, newsletter, or blog and link them to the corresponding page. Also, you can create an entire section for your social presence like we did with our mingle section.
  • Try placing your social icons throughout your site, not just the homepage. Remember, visitors don’t always enter your site through the homepage.
  • Use plug-ins. Facebook and Twitter both offer plugins that can do everything from highlighting the latest posts on your site to showing logged-in users which of their friends have already liked your company’s page. Here are the lists for Facebook and Twitter.
  • The last and most obvious thing you should do is to make sure you promote your pages any time you get the chance, whether through your blog, personal pages, newsletters, and even an email signature.