December 7, 2020

6 Reasons to Migrate to .NET 5

6 Reasons to Migrate to .NET 5

.NET Core: Meet .NET 5

Microsoft has announced the end of the 

.NET Framework 

Microsoft announced the new .NET 5 (the future of .NET) at the Build 2019 conference. .NET 5 will be the single unified platform for building applications that run on all platforms (Windows, Linux) and devices (IoT, Mobile).

Source:  Microsoft Announces End of .NET Framework & .NET Core: Meet .NET 5
                .NET Framework is dead — long live .NET 5


6 Reasons to upgrade apps to .NET 5

1. Security 

  • Websites using Pre- .Net 5 security features will not be protected from new threats
  • Hosting Servers using Pre- .Net 5 versions will only receive Fixes through January 2023, but will NOT receive any new security patches, putting your servers at risk

2.  Scalability

  • It is always good to have code that is adaptable to the current and newer technologies making development and support flexible, scalable and more secure
  • Support for leveraging native platform capabilities provides improved scalability

3.  Maintenance & Support

  • With support for Pre .Net 5 applications and systems ending in 2023 it will become increasingly difficult to provide support and enhancements, lack of support for new features and security enhancements will also provide support challenges
  • Support for a single runtime and framework behavior as well as, a single developer experience will simplify support for applications across multiple platforms
  • Reduced footprint and resources consumption will improve the deployment and runtime experience 

4.  Performance

  • New version applications will have a single runtime and framework behavior and developer experience on all platforms like Windows, Linux, IOs & mobile devices
  • Improvements to the Just In Time (JIT) and Ahead of Time (AOT) compilers increase throughput and performance for long running cloud and client applications 
  • Other improvements such as a smaller footprint, and reduced memory usage have a large impact on application performance

5.  Updates and Enhancements

  • New and enhanced features are provided only for .Net 5 and 
  • Old version applications will not get performance and security updates and patches
  • New version applications can take advantage of the new and enhanced features of front-end technologies such as: JavaScript, Angular, React, etc.

6.  Hosting Resources

  • Service providers will create new servers with the new framework
  • Web Hosting for the old version websites will become more difficult, expensive and eventually disappear as we get closer to January 2023


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Written by Bob Cody

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