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Benefits of Unified Communications in Healthcare

Unified Communications (UC) is the term used when communications technologies such as voice, video, instant messaging and data access are rolled into a single streamlined solution. No matter what business implementation UC is laid down on top of, the end goal/ result is always improved productivity which leads to an improved user experience. When the […]

Top 10 Salesforce Security Health Check Tips

The importance of monitoring your Salesforce Instance can not be understated. Monitoring your salesforce instance closely, guarantees the safety, security and consistency of your business operations while keeping you updated and abreast with the latest and the greatest information for your salesforce org. The Salesforce Security Health Check tool is a crucial tool that helps […]


4 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Make Sense for Healthcare

The introduction of smartphones has disrupted the way business communicates and engages with customers. Industries such as retail, travel, and media have proactively embraced new technologies and innovations to improve consumer communication, increase engagement, and deliver a user experience that is easy, intuitive, and exciting. While the healthcare industry continues to advance in medical and […]