December 7, 2022

Benefits of Unified Communications in Healthcare

Benefits of Unified Communications in Healthcare

Unified Communications (UC) is the term used when communications technologies such as voice, video, instant messaging and data access are rolled into a single streamlined solution. No matter what business implementation UC is laid down on top of, the end goal/ result is always improved productivity which leads to an improved user experience.

When the business is Healthcare, Unified Communications means improved productivity and faster collaboration for doctors, nurses and hospital staff, with the real win being the improved patient outcomes and satisfaction. UC can also have a positive impact on a hospital or medical providers bottom line.

So what does that look like under the covers?

  • Telehealth solutions connecting doctors and patients and other medical staff via video so that they do not even need to be in the same geographical location

  • Streamlined communications via Instant Messaging, facilitating everything from appointment reminders to prescription ready notification for the patient to test result availability for the medical team
  • Secure patient record access across the enterprise via EMR solutions, allowing a patient’s entire medical team access to the same up to date medical data for a patient
  • Productivity Improvements: Industry data collected suggests that a productivity savings of over 1 hour / day / employee can be realized in an organization with as little as 100 employees.
  • IT Costs and ROI: Cloud based UC implementations leveraging licensing costs, faster access to patient data, and the ability to use remote staffing resources to drive IT and administrative savings.
  • End result: Better patient outcomes combined with measurable increases in patient satisfaction.

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Written by Bob Cody

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