May 30, 2016

How to Boost Your Content Marketing Using Video

How to Boost Your Content Marketing Using Video

85% of clients are more likely to buy if there’s a video attached!

People do not care about company brands; they care about stories. Great stories can be told in many different ways, but as the saying goes, seeing is believing. Videos capture audiences with multi-sensory impact and compel customers to look, listen, feel, and act in content marketing.

Every company brand is comprised of unique elements that set it apart from the competition. Why limit your brand to just a promotional video? There are several types of video to consider that provide different value to your content marketing efforts:

Brand-awareness driven. Through bold messaging, spunky personality, or highlighting your company culture, these branded videos provide entertainment value first, with engagement and interaction second. Brand awareness videos are aimed at introducing your brand, starting a conversation, and keeping your services or products top-of-mind. For example, commercials shown during major sporting events are wildly popular for their entertainment value – not their sales pitch.

Value driven: Your target audience is looking for specific information, researching services, or comparing products. Make sure your company is one of the first to answer their questions and provide value in easy-to-consume, educational content. “How to” videos, expert interviews, motion graphics, or animations that simply describe complex processes or products establish your brand’s credibility and build trust.

Promotional: It’s okay to occasionally pat yourself on the back. Chances are, if users find your website, they are at the point in the sales funnel where they are actively seeking brand credibility. Show off those awards, highlight your brand-spanking-new products, and promote your company by showing where you shine!

Testimonials: When buyers are close to making a purchase decision, testimonials and reviews become critical components of your website. Ask your happiest clients or most successful projects to participate in a video testimonial. Do you have a unique project that would make a great case study? Grab the camera and get that story out there. Testimonials can be the difference between users hitting the contact button or bouncing out to a competitor.

News-style updates. Every professional’s inbox is flooded with industry insights, blogs, announcements, invitations, social updates – the list goes on. You can’t seem to escape the latest topics and ground-breaking information. If you find a topic interesting, show off your expertise by giving your opinion or lending advice on these latest trends Psst…this could also help with search engine rankings!

User-generated content. Who are your biggest and most influential advocates? Your customers, of course! Kick off interaction-based contests, sweepstakes, or incentives for users to generate relevant content for your brand. This type of video can get tricky so make sure to enlist the help of a creative (or few) to help come up with a campaign that translates your brand through user-generated video content.

Product demos. Before you purchase a product, isn’t it better to actually see the product in use? Seeing is in fact believing for consumers. On your website, include videos of your product being used with a call-to-action readily available. You are providing a clear pathway for your customers to make a decision and purchase.

Video is an efficient way for your customers to consume information, and there are several ways your brand can take advantage of video to boost your content marketing efforts. Working with a creative agency that has mastered the art of crafting irresistible online campaigns with video can produce an incredible impact.

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Esai Cruz

Written by Esai Cruz

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