March 3, 2022

Gamification: Are you ready to play?

Gamification:  Are you ready to play?

Gamification and Mobile App Design

  • Statistica: There are over 1.6 M active mobile gamers worldwide.
  • Games is the most searched category in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store
  • Gamification:
    • At its core, Gamification is a Marketing Tool for increasing product adoption and user engagement and retention
    • If you need more evidence that Gamification is a marketing tool you need only look at its alternate name Incentive-Centered Design – Which name do you think will sell better?
    • Gamification is a User centered approach to mobile and web application development based on some very simple psychological principles. 
      • A positive experience elevates dopamine levels in the brain which can cause the users to want to return to your app over and over again
      • Gamification can also be used to create a sense of community for your target customers – a community centered around a good experience with your brand
    • Popular elements of gamification include
      • Leaderboards
      • Certifications
      • Rewards
      • Unlocking Items or features
      • Quests
      • Stories
      • Badges
      • To-Do Lists
  • Gamification Strategy
    • Challenges and tasks need to be appropriate for your audience.
    • Make sure that your users do not get bored, working towards something or unlocking something creates excitement
    • Create some mystery – make users curious and also surprised by the conclusion of tasks and competitions
    • Everyone that engages needs to feel the same engagement, excitement and reward not just the top performers
    • Rewards are part of the strategy for sure, but they can not be the corner piece of the strategy. 
      • It is not possible to continuously provide bigger and better rewards over time
  • Gamification is not always a good idea
    • It is important to have a gamification strategy that focuses on the positive
    • Surfacing data to the user through gamification that provides negative feedback or makes them feel depressed is not a good idea
    • Similarly, giving users a reward that has no meaning or value to them will likely result in a reduced level of engagement over time
    • Gamification is audience specific.  That is, not everyone is going to be motivated by the key features of a gamified mobile app.  Know your audience!
  • According to Gigya, Gamification of your mobile app can:
      • Increase user interaction by 33% 
      • Increase content visibility by 68% and
    • Increase shares on social media by 22%.
  • What does this mean for your business
    • Greater Brand awareness which can lead to  an increase in active users of your mobile / web app
      • 34% of businesses surveyed believe that “number of active users/day & month” is a more revealing growth statistic than revenue per user (11%)
    • Can translate into a higher ranking on search engine results
    • Can lead to a self sustaining social media presence for your business
    • Of course, none of these things are a guarantee of increased revenue, but in today’s digital world you likely will not see an increase in revenue without them 

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Written by Bob Cody

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