July 1, 2022

Salesforce: Boost In User Productivity And Popularity

Salesforce: Boost In User Productivity And Popularity

Our mission is to empower our clients to transform from “Legacy to Legendary”, so trust us when we say, “We Love What We Do!” 

The Earliest Lovable Product (ELP) approach being our USP, we deliver safe, high-quality yet secure, desirable, and sustainable products; and that’s what got us all excited to work for our one such client ‘Fludigm’. Their eCommerce portal was created on an old & outdated CMS and was facing many challenges; with upgrades, resourcing, and data security to name a few.

After a detailed analysis of their old system, its data structure, data sets, business rules, and possibilities of what might go wrong, we suggested they move to Salesforce. The Salesforce platform provides a complete set of tools for managing online stores, including product catalogs, customer profiles, order management, and analytics. We knew that Salesforce Commerce Cloud being a highly scalable, cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) is an excellent choice for them to manage their B2B and B2C sites with ease, and their latest security compliances would assure the safety of their data. And, our highly dexterous team that’s always up for engineering challenges helped them successfully migrate their old CMS to Salesforce. 

Fludigm’s ‘Legacy to Legendary’ conversion involved people across many teams to bring to the table, a complete HIPAA-compliant solution, that includes many features like connectivity to QuickBooks, Shopify, and to Fludigm’s own distributor portal. The Legendary Salesforce programming and implementation for Fludigm, when compared to their Legacy base, not only is faster, safer, and easier to use but has also passed various rigorous quality tests. The efficiency of work has also been enhanced owing to its brand-new encrypted DB query system. 

From extremely reliable and high-performing features to a fresh new look, the team Fludigm loved everything about their new systems and has shown a keen desire of having more features added in the future.

That’s just one success story from many. Get a demonstration today on how we can help you transform your Legacy to Legendary? We’re happy to help! 

Written by Bob Cody

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