April 12, 2023

Top 3 elements to consider in your UX Design in 2023

Top 3 elements to consider in your UX Design in 2023

For years now, the buzz word in software and web app design has been User Experience Design aka – “UX Design”. Gone are the days of green-screen, Commodore 64 and Leisure Suit Larry style application interfaces. Today’s mobile, web and software application users are more sophisticated than in the past, they have shorter attention spans and need to be actively engaged all throughout their use of your app.

Here are Gate6’s top 3 UX Design elements to consider when designing mobile apps, web apps and enterprise applications in 2023. Of course there is more to consider, but we are talking about the things that today’s users will expect to start seeing in your UX Design this year and moving forward.

It is a given today that UX design is all about the User Journey, so I am not going to include that in our list here. Just know that each user’s use of your app is unique and their experience should be tailored specifically to that user.

  1. Accessibility: Accessibility has been a key consideration in UX design for some time, but it will become even more important in 2023. Designers will need to ensure that their products are accessible to people with a wide range of challenges, including those users with visual, auditory, and motor impairments. This could involve using tools like screen readers, voice commands, and other assistive technologies, as well as ensuring that design elements like color contrast and font size are easy to read for everyone. Features of the Section 508 standards compliance used by the federal government will become more commonplace in UX Design.
  2. Voice and Gesture Controls: With the rise of smart assistants and other voice-activated devices, designers will need to consider how their interfaces can be controlled using voice and gesture commands. This will involve designing interfaces that are easy to navigate without a mouse or keyboard, and that respond to spoken commands in a natural and intuitive way. Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant type features will become more commonplace in UX Design. 
  3. User Privacy and Security: As concerns around data privacy and security continue to grow, designers will need to consider how to design interfaces that protect user data and minimize the risk of security breaches. This could involve implementing strong authentication protocols, using encryption to protect user data, and designing interfaces that allow users to control their own privacy settings. Gate6 is a proud Development and Professional Services partner with Lookout – a top tier provider of cyber security products and services.

Let Gate6 put it’s decades of UX Design experience to work for you. Looking for a partner to help with your UX Design and app development? Gate6 Consulting Services can help you implement your customized mobile app, web app or enterprise app. Give us a call or email us at support@gate6.com 

Written by Bob Cody

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