October 4, 2016

Transportation Industry: How to Compete Online

Transportation Industry: How to Compete Online

The Transportation Industry: How to Compete Online

The transportation industry is critical to modern life. According to TruckInfo.com, there are over 15.5 million trucks operated by 1.2 million companies in the United States alone. Of those companies, 97% operate 20 or fewer trucks. Competing online among such massive competition requires differentiation. Even for the larger trucking companies, setting yourself apart from your competition is critical to your success.

However, trucking companies — especially the smaller ones — tend to run on tight IT budgets. Here are ideas to get the best bang for your IT bucks so you can set your transportation company apart from your competitors online.

Create Stunning Visuals

If you search the web for transportation companies, you’ll find that most sites feature pictures of trucks. Usually, they have photographs of many trucks in a row. While it’s true that “trucks in a row” is an accurate representation of a trucking company, the visual is stale and overused. Every site runs together, each looking the same as the last.

In order to set yourself apart from the pack, you need to capture the essence of your business through visuals that define your differentiators. Do you pride yourself on serving a certain region? Reflect that through your photographs. Are you a dedicated refrigerated service? Show the inside of your clean, cool vans. Determine what makes you — you — and display it with pride through professional photography and video. Make sure you’re working with an agency that understands web visuals in order to craft just the right visual style and mood for your company and

Carefully Craft Your Message

As a transportation company, you want your customers to know that their freight is secure, that the drivers are safe, and that you care about the timeliness of delivery. You want to relay the size of your fleet, and how much capacity you’re capable of handling. However, this very standard dialogue isn’t going to differentiate your company.

When crafting your message, talk to your specific practices and procedures that set you apart. You can work in all the standard buzzwords, but set them into a message that is uniquely yours. If you’re having trouble finding the right words, partner with an agency that understands trucking companies. Their copywriters know exactly how to find the juiciest differentiators in order to define your perfect dialogue.

Find Drivers Online

It’s estimated that nearly 90% of the North American population is online. People use the Internet for everything from reading the news to shopping to finding a job. It’s critical to take your recruiting efforts digital in order to find your best drivers.

While sites like Jobing, Monster, and Indeed can help you post jobs and find candidates, it’s your website that truly lures top prospective talent. Make sure your website highlights the benefits of driving for your company. Clearly illustrate your corporate structure, values, and credibility so that the prospects who find you have the information they need before applying.

Harness the Power of Marketing

The Internet has changed the face of marketing. For better or for worse, strategies are changing, with inbound channels becoming the preferred method of messaging for companies and consumers alike. Internet users want value. They respond to well-crafted messages that solve a problem, answer a question, or at the very least, entertain.

Use social networks to spread the word about your company through useful, insightful content. Harness the power of video to elicit an emotional response to your message. By putting your message in front of potential customers in a non-demanding and informative manner, you increase the likelihood of engagement with your site.

Be Mobile-Friendly

Earlier this year, the quarterly sale of mobile devices surpassed desktop systems for the first time. The mobile “trend” isn’t going away — ever. If your site isn’t mobile responsive, modern consumers will assume that your business lacks in technological advancement.

In order to stay ahead of the digital curve, it’s best to partner with a digital and creative agency that understands trends and anticipates changes. Your web development partner should be able to respond to development needs, provide creative direction, and supply content that drives engagement and encourages conversion. And everything produced should work flawlessly across all devices, from the smallest mobile screen to the largest desktop monitor.

If you’re in the transportation industry and you need help with your digital efforts, give Gate6 a call. We have helped many transportation companies refresh their websites and even develop state of the art applications. Give us a call, and let us bring your company to the forefront the Internet.

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