June 16, 2021

UX Design

UX Design

It really is true, not everyone is a Designer, BUT most everyone knows bad design when they see it.  Bad design, or more to the point, bad User Experience Design (UX Design) can be a business killer.

UX Design is the outward presentation of what you want the User’s Journey to be as they interact with your website, web app or mobile app.  

Focusing on how users feel when they use your software and what they experience, is critically important.   Good UX brings together a clean design, clear user path, and a straightforward call to action.  Put simply, bad design or a bad user experience will cost customers and in turn will cost your business money.  

Let’s find out what goes into creating good UX Design.

Know your User’s 

As a UX Designer, you need to know Who your User Audience is and What they are here to do.  Similarly, you need to understand your client’s business process.  The experience needs to be tailored to your users, internal and external.  Are your users primarily women, teenagers, millennials?  Are users here to shop, do banking, play games, see your dinner menu?  If users cannot find what they are looking for quickly and easily, The answers to these questions will all have an impact on UX Design.

Take your Users on a Journey 

As we mentioned above, the UX Design is the outward presentation of the User’s Journey.   That Journey is impacted by things such as the colors used, the placement and size of buttons, messages and when they are presented and the wording of objects, among other things.  And let’s not forget Branding.  Will the user remember that it was your business?  Was the user’s experience unique to your brand? 

All these pieces will influence how the end user will feel about the interaction with your business.  Will they enjoy their Journey or not?

Have a device strategy

Are you delivering on Windows, Mobile (iOS, Android) or another device?  Should you take a Native or Hybrid approach to your UX design?  If all the ubiquitous buttons and sliders associated with a specific platform are important to you then a Native UX Design may be the way to go.

Similarly, if your plan is that no matter what platform the user is on, they get the same user experience, a Hybrid UX Design is for you.  That is a design that provides a familiarity for your app no matter what platform your customers are using.  

There is way more to Native and Hybrid UX design than what we can put into this blog post.  The takeaway here is that platform should be a key part of your UX design decision. 

So who are you going to call?

That would be us.  We are Gate6 and we know UX Design.  In fact, we have a process for UX Design that ensures that the user experience and journey is an engaging and a truly natural experience that will leave your users wanting to come back for more.

Do you need help to bring your idea, web app or mobile app to life? Does your website need a face lift? Give us a call and Experience the difference Gate6 can make for your business.

Written by Bob Cody

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