June 24, 2021

UX Design: What Is It and Why You Need It

UX Design: What Is It and Why You Need It

As they say, UX design will always happen, whether intentionally or not. 

While there are many definitions of what UX is, one premise remains clear: UX is the process through which people and businesses determine what user experiences will be. 

Either way, the goal is good UX, as this ensures your design understands and satisfies the needs of both a business and its clients.

Why This Is Important?

A business has to invest in its UX design. Like anything else that costs money, you need to be clear on how spending business dollars on your UX supports your business. 

Below are a few reasons why UX design is a worthwhile investment.

It Supports a Seamless Customer Journey

69% of customers abandon their cart. This much churning is disheartening. While there are numerous reasons for this, UX is a key one.  When customers reach a point in their purchase journey where your design becomes frustrating, too complex, or too lengthy, they leave. It’s that simple.

Good UX brings together a clean design, clear catalogs, and a straightforward call to action. The long and short of it? Provide good UX, and you are likely to make more sales. Fail to do this, and you send prospective customers right to your competitors.

Lower Operating Costs

You will get poor design anywhere and at very appealing fees. It will cost you, however. 

One of the main differences between good and bad UX is research. Before the actual design process begins, research is extremely important. If this stage is conducted optimally, it will reveal how you can reach your product’s potential. This will come with a risk assessment and a clear target identification. 

All these factors will show you the obstacles present and how to avoid them. 

This is important at this stage because while fixing errors and bugs costs almost nothing at the design phase, it will cost you hundreds of dollars later on.

Impressive ROI

As highlighted earlier, good UX supports a pleasant customer journey. Less churning means higher conversion rates, which are always good for business. 

It does not end there, however. 

As businesses seek to lower overhead while maximizing returns, the need to find marketing avenues with high ROIs take center stage.

According to Forrester research, each dollar channeled into UX yields $100 in return.

For a real-life illustration; Walmart went for a UX overhaul on its site in 2018, the result? A 43% increase in sales. When you translate this into sales numbers and revenue, it’s nothing short of impressive.

Better SEO Rankings

SEO does not seem to be fading in popularity any day soon. 

The quality of user experience is tightly aligned with SEO as well. Google’s algorithms are constantly revised to ensure the best search satisfaction. This is one thing your site will be measured against in setting your ranking. 

Among the new things Google is doing is analyzing dwell time, which is essentially the amount of time visitors spend on a site, among other variables. 

The friendlier your site and UX are, the more relevant it will be to Google. Ultimately, your business benefits from the improved ranking.

Get It Right

The importance of good UX to your business makes it imperative to get it right from the get-go. With our years of experience, this is a promise Gate6 can deliver. Contact us today!

Written by Bob Cody

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