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iOS Developer

Job Description:

  • Applicant should possess at least 3 years of work experience in iOS development
  • Experience with creating iOS specific development standards, guidelines, and best practices literature
  • Expert knowledge with iOS frameworks: UIKit, Foundation, CoreData, Core Graphics, Core Media, CoreLocation, AddressBook, EventKit, MapKit, Security, XCTest
  • Expert knowledge with Objective-C and Swift: Automatic Reference Counting (ARC), Grand Central Dispatch (GCD), Blocks, Literals, Properties, Protocols, Delegates, Local and Remote Notifications
  • Expertise in Web Services(REST and SOAP) and Parsing Techniques(JSON and XML), Databases(SQLite and CoreData)
  • Expert knowledge with standard tools: Xcode, Interface Builder (including Storyboards and Autolayout), Instruments, LLDB (debugger), Unit Testing
  • Proven knowledge in iOS application functionality and limitations including Objective C, Swift, Cocoa framework other native API integration

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