CRM, Messaging and BI

3, 2, 1 Blastoff

A powerful tool that’s not customized to your business can be a daily source of frustration. Through understanding your business needs, we can help customize that tool so it turns from dead weight to rocket fuel.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Without actionable insights, it’s impossible to know the right places for investment, untapped opportunities, and areas for correction. If you’re already too busy with critical day-to-day analysis to do a comprehensive review, or if you want help creating reports to make informed decisions a little easier, we can help.

We can strategize areas for automation to remove manual errors, eliminate redundant steps, and create smooth simplicity. In addition, we leverage machine learning to uncover unknowns and view it all through beautiful dashboards that that will drive the decisions necessary to improve your business.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are filled with promise, but it’s not often fulfilled. If you need assistance in making your vision of the complete digital customer experience come true, you’ve come to the right place. By bringing together our strategic planning, creative problem solving, and technical expertise in integrating systems, we can help you transform your existing CRM. You’ll no longer have to create work-arounds because your marketing efforts will be streamlined, the sales funnel will be clear, and post-sales customer support will be integrated. Let us help you make your CRM work like a well-oiled machine.


Remember when email and your desk phone were THE communication platforms? There are so many communication channels now that keeping track of where info is and who prefers which channel is a full-time job by itself. Communication may start with an in-person discussion, move to email, then a phone call followed by a texted photo; with all those channels it’s nearly impossible to effectively consolidate information for future reference.

Good news! You can consolidate all of this through Collabyo ConnectTM. Collabyo is a cross-channel platform that enables secure communication with your employees, partners and customers. And for next-level communication, we have AI, ML and chatbot integrations, too. If you love speed and efficiency, contact us right away.

Engagement models

Each project is different and so is each client. That’s why we offer three distinct ways to engage. If you’re not quite sure which engagement fits your needs, reach out and we’ll help you select which option works best.

We Build It All

We manage end-to-end delivery, implementing your project from start to finish. Our team takes care of the planning, design, and technology execution while ensuring that your business needs are met.

You Use Our Team

Using a collaborative development approach, we share project responsibilities. A common blend is your internal team manages the APIs and our team builds the new application. No matter the mix, we’ll dynamically adapt to your project needs.

You Use Experts as Needed

You can tap into our diverse pool of experts whenever you need help. We provide the competent professionals and you manage the project and the people. This model is perfect for scaling up or down as needed.