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This eBook cuts through the confusion that separates you from your goal of building a custom application by putting the process, choices, and costs into easy­-to­-understand terms. By the end of Chapter 6, you will be ready to have those critical first discussions, knowing exactly what questions to ask of your potential partners in application creation.

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Chapter 1: In­-House or Agency? Making the Right Choice

Creating your custom software, website, or mobile application requires expertise across multiple disciplines. Determine your team’s readiness to start your project and learn how to supplement skills for optimum project results.

Chapter 2: Why is Software So Expensive?

Custom software can be expensive to create and maintain, but the results can be well worth your time and money. Learn how to calculate ROI for your project so you can understand and validate the costs.

Chapter 3: Top 6 Challenges in Software Development

No matter the intent of your software, all projects face similar challenges. Identify the right questions to ask in order to avoid the common pitfalls that doom projects before they even start.

Chapter 4: Web or Mobile? Making the Right Investment

In the modern world of web and mobile, there’s more than one way to skin an app. Determine the right platform for your software before making your development investment.

Chapter 5: Defining Acceptance Criteria

When you have large teams working on your project, how do you know that they’re all on the same page? Learn the art and science behind defining acceptance criteria – a critical component to any successful software project.

Chapter 6: Why QA Matters

It might seem like your quality assurance staff is unnecessary, and you might be tempted to try cutting QA in favor of faster delivery. Understand what QA teams do, how they do it, and why you absolutely cannot forego QA on your project.

Bonus 1: Creating a Killer User Experience through Branding

Understand the differences between User Experience and User Interface while learning how branding and marketing play a key role in attracting and retaining users.

Bonus 2: Forward Focus Designing with the Future in Mind

Discover how to future­proof your application in terms of interface design, emerging technologies, and security risks.