What we do

Using design thinking, we create screens to meet the needs of your users with carefully architected simplicity. Then we verify the effectiveness of the screens through prototyping.
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From automating business processes in the field to engaging consumers with a great new service or store, we’ve done it. Our lean and agile processes pair well with our deep development expertise.
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More than two decades of custom software development mean we’ve seen it all: update legacy, build ground up, customize off the shelf. We build elegant solutions and scalable systems to last.
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These essential tools make work better, customers happier, and businesses more efficient. From market-leading standards, to custom-built integrations we can help.
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From beautiful brand experiences to complex ecommerce platforms, we deliver amazing sites on a variety of platforms, effective user flows and solid UX understanding.
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From product presentations, to event recaps we have award-winning videos shot live, on greenscreen, using 3D product mockups, and animations. We make your vision come to life.
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Our Approach

Our expert techies and creatives apply the 5-step process below to achieve the Earliest Lovable Product for our clients. We use methods like design thinking, sketching, and prototyping to develop brilliant solutions.

Design Sprint

We love the results that come from Google’s Design Sprint. We’ve been using it for years because it creates a scaffolding which allows an amazing product to be built with the greatest efficiency.

Story Mapping

Then we group and prioritize stories (descriptions of product features) into a feature roadmap for the product ensuring that the most critical pieces are built first.

Code Sprint

The roadmap is carefully reviewed and analyzed to determine the best system architecture, technology stack, and infrastructure for your product. We use those choices to build a very simple proof of concept.

Agile Development

By using Agile software development, we can adjust to handle resource constraints and market changes. This allows you to get what you need, even if that changes while the project is being built.

Earliest Loveable Product

You need an MVP that doesn’t skimp on user experience, so we help you create the Earliest Lovable Product. The ELP helps you build only the features that are wanted and loved by users.

Technical expertise


Why gate6

We are a group of confident developers and bold creatives who thrive on ideas and create amazing digital experiences. In fact, we’ve been making things better, easier and more fun for our clients since 1996. But don’t just take our word for it. Come experience Gate6 for yourself.

Strength through Diversity

We’re a very diverse team with a wide range of skills, backgrounds, and experiences. This diversity gives you an edge by creating products that have already been viewed from dozens of different lenses.

Round-the-clock Development

With offices in the US and India, you get the advantage of round-the-clock development. This means that we can jump into high gear, whenever it’s needed.

No-nonsense Approach

Being direct is the best way to address problems. If there’s an issue, we don’t dance around it. We address it head-on. And save the dancing for our launch celebration.

20+ Years of Experience

We’ve been building rock-solid software for more than 20 years. A wide variety of experience with different technologies and industries gives us an edge. When we build software, we build it to last.


Engagement models

Each project is different and so is each client. That’s why we offer three distinct ways to engage.

If you’re not quite sure which engagement fits your needs, reach out and we’ll help you select which option works best.

We Build It All

We manage end-to-end delivery, implementing your project from start to finish. Our team takes care of the planning, design, and technology execution while ensuring that your business needs are met.

You Use Our Team

Using a collaborative development approach, we share project responsibilities. A common blend is your internal team manages the APIs and our team builds the new application. No matter the mix, we’ll dynamically adapt to your project needs.

You Use Experts as Needed

You can tap into our diverse pool of experts whenever you need help. We provide the competent professionals and you manage the project and the people. This model is perfect for scaling up or down as needed.