Manage your medical patient appointments with online scheduling software

Gate6 creates custom medical patient scheduling software for the healthcare industry. Our solutions are easy to use and function across devices, even for businesses with existing electronic healthcare records systems and complicated scheduling processes.

Give your patients control over their appointment scheduling

Online healthcare appointment scheduling allows your patients to schedule their appointments on­-the-go from any device. Appointment-­scheduling self-­service also frees up your staff so they spend more time with patients and less time behind a screen.

Automated appointment reminders find your patients on-the-go

Your customers are reachable by phone, email, and text message. Online medical scheduling software automates appointment reminders and sends them to the devices that your patients use. Automated, online appointment reminders reduce the load on your staff and decrease the likeliness of no­-shows, both of which save your practice time and money.

User tested, doctor approved

Whether you, your staff, or your patients access your custom scheduling software through a browser or a mobile app, you can be assured that the user experience will be responsive, adaptive, and uniform. Additionally, our user experience team strives to reduce clicks and screens, creating an easy­-to-use, intuitive solution that puts all the right data where it’s expected to be. And you know that your interface will be exactly what you want, because you will be part of our user experience design and testing processes.

Medical patient scheduling software that fits your needs

At Gate6, we design your HIPPA­-compliant patient scheduling software to fit the unique needs of your practice. From complicated systems to routine scheduling, our user experience design experts work directly with you to design and develop the system that works for you. Your custom solution will seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, and your online appointment scheduling software will provide an experience that users love to use.

Are you ready to manage your patient appointments with online scheduling? We’d love to hear from you!

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