Mobile Application Development

Deliver immediate information to customers, clients, and employees while they’re on-the-go by offering engaging mobile applications that create a buzz. Your custom mobile web application can be designed for native installation on iPhone or Android, or can be tailored for mobile use through any mobile browser. You can offer geo-mapping to drive customers to your location, client portals for maintaining scheduling and payments, and seamless integration with your main website’s functionality to maximize the impact of your online presence. Our mobile web application development services keep your business top-of-mind by offering your clients content and value-add features no matter where they are.

Whether you need mobile web application development or a custom native iPhone or Android app, gate6 will work with you to understand your business needs and develop a mobile solution with optimized usability and security.

Custom Mobile Apps

Utilizing the native functionality of iPhone or Android mobile devices, your custom mobile application can deliver features, push notifications, product offerings, and more to keep your customers engaged with your business.

Business Mobile Applications

By seamlessly integrating with your legacy systems and back-end data, a custom business mobile application gives you the best of both worlds: all of the data your employees need coupled with modern, flexible devices that promote productivity in any setting.

Mobile-First Websites

If most of your users are primarily mobile adopters, a mobile-first website design could generate higher acceptance rates. Mobile-first websites still work on conventional browsers, but they are designed to be optimized for mobile technology.

Google AMP Optimized Sites

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages standard is a relatively new technology that provides faster load speeds for your customers and higher page ranking and search visibility for your site. By harnessing Google AMP, the developers at gate6 can drive more clients to your mobile website, while simultaneously decreasing every page load to under 2 seconds.

Location-Based Services

By harnessing the native geolocation feature of mobile devices, your application can guide users to your services, keep your users from getting lost, or help your clients find what they need, right when they need it. Test your address today!

Mobile Apps For iPhone Marketplace

We can help you through the process of creating custom iPhone applications that pass the Apple Marketplace approval process so you can promote your app through the largest, worldwide mobile application provider.

If you need a custom iPhone application, a killer mobile website, or a business application that keeps your employees engaged in the field, gate6 has you covered. Call us today to discuss your mobile web application development needs.

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