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Your company’s online success depends on your website’s visibility, and your visibility depends on how easy it is for search engines to find you. With the assistance of professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts, Phoenix business owners can position themselves for growth in the digital space.

When it comes to website optimization, Phoenix-based gate6 is known for producing significant and measurable results for clients across a wide range of industries. Using only ethical techniques, we leverage our understanding of search engine algorithms to optimize your site content for both visibility and concise messaging. Our SEO optimization ensures that the search engines target your desired demographics, and that your site provides rich, informative text that drives conversion rates and develops your platform and brand.

Because of frequent algorithm changes, developments in mobile optimization, and the constant influx of competitor websites, SEO can be tricky to manage on your own. With the help of a seasoned Arizona search engine optimization company, such as gate6, you can determine how and why people are searching for your product or service. Once you have this knowledge, you can provide targeted content that attracts your potential customers.

gate6’s SEO services include:

Website Optimization Consultation

Our website experts will provide you with an array of SEO options during our initial consultation. You’ll know how much you’ll spend - and you’ll fully understand your potential ROI with site optimization.

Site Analysis and Audit

We will conduct a thorough audit of your site content, metadata, sitemap, and more to pinpoint the best path toward full site optimization. We provide a detailed report that includes social media links and activity, exit points, inbound links, and many other factors that affect your site, and then pinpoint exact opportunities to improve your ranking.

Meta Tag Creation and Updates

The use of meta tags for SEO optimization is a delicate balance of giving the search engine enough information to target the right customer base without overloading the algorithm and dropping your site ranking. We will tailor your metadata so that it gives you the rankings you need while attracting the customers who are most likely to buy your products or services.

Content Optimization

On the Internet, content is key. Your content should reflect your brand, inform your audience, and entice your customers. It must also contain the right words in the right order at just the right frequency to produce the SEO rankings you want. Let our expert content specialists rework your message so that your site ranks higher and attracts more of the right customers for your brand.

Schema Tag Creation

Your schema markup plays a huge role in your SEO ranking. Schema tags use defined and known microdata to alert search engines to the specific type of content contained on each page of your site. By including schema tags, the search engine crawlers can quickly and accurately index your content based on these known keywords, which are tied to the common search phrases that will be used by your prospective customers.

Video Optimization for SEO

Video is a powerful tool for grabbing attention, eliciting an emotional response, and ultimately, converting leads. Your video can also help your website rank in search engines. Our SEO team will analyze your video, metadata, sitemap, and more to ensure that your video content is not just converting, but attracting new leads by bumping your site in the search ranks. And if your site needs video content, our media team can help you there, too!

Referral Acquisition

A critical component to SEO ranking is securing inbound links to your site. Referrals from credible external websites create a trust network on the Internet, which alerts the search engine algorithms to quality content that grabs attention across the Web. However, generating backlinks can be a time-consuming and fruitless exercise. Our SEO team will secure blogs and content sites that will publish referral links in order to boost the visibility, credibility, and SEO ranking of your site.

Google AMP Optimization

In order to serve the needs of the increasing number of mobile users, Google has changed its ranking system to give priority placement to sites that design with mobile in mind. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Page standard is a relatively new development in the SEO world, and is tricky to implement. Our team of experienced developers can help your website meet or exceed AMP standards, which gives your site an instant ranking boost while also improving mobile web page loading speeds.

Data Analysis and Reporting

SEO standards change regularly and new sites appear constantly. SEO is not something you do once - you must continually monitor your site’s ranking, analyze potential shifts in your positioning, and respond appropriately to keep your site at the top of the visibility spectrum. gate6 offers complete analysis and reporting, along with timely recommendations for ongoing updates to keep your site in front of competitors and potential new customers.

Search Engine Submissions

It’s true that web crawlers eventually find every publicly consumable page on the Internet, but why wait? Allow our team to submit your site to search engines the right way, with pinpointed information that will get your site indexed and ranking faster, higher, and more accurately than simply waiting for the Internet to catch up with you.

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SEO practices change constantly and require upkeep and maintenance to keep your site ranking ahead of your competitors. Let the experts at gate6 bump you up in the ranks and keep you there!

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