Content Strategy

The ever-evolving digital landscape continues to alter consumer buying behavior. Users don’t simply move down the funnel anymore. They ricochet and zoom across channels, technologies and platforms until they find the information they need to make a purchase decision.

A content strategy is the best way to create order out of online information chaos. At gate6, we begin strategy by identifying your target audience, their preferred digital channels and the content needed for their decision-making process. Then we compare your brand’s current content against the marketplace and customer needs to reveal opportunities.

Utilizing these insights, we select media formats that fit your audience, create a content calendar, identify success metrics and establish benchmarks that align with marketing initiatives. To ensure optimal results, we also measure content effectiveness from first to last touch point and adjust the strategy as needed.

Generate Audience Intelligence

Reinforce Brand Message

Improve Brand Sentiment

Deliver Against Business Objectives

Cut Through the Competitive Noise

Identify Customer Relevant Channels

Leverage Media Preferences

Discover Buying Decision Points

Identify and Fill Content Gaps

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