Digital Marketing Strategy

Amid a quickly changing online landscape, it can be difficult to keep your Internet marketing strategy ahead of the game. There are so many options and opportunities to consider. You need a digital marketing strategy agency with demonstrated expertise that creates measurable results for clients. You need gate6.

Our forward-thinking techies and creatives use proven Internet marketing methods to help you find your leads online, drive conversions on your site, and develop long-term relationships with your customers. With a focus on consistent storytelling across platforms, we can identify and create engagement along the new consumer-decision journey.

As part of every project, we develop integrated strategies and infrastructure that support scalable paid, owned, and earned tactics to meet the challenges of today’s complex digital landscape. Then, we take that concept one step further to create customized converged strategies to maximize your digital marketing results.


Paid media leverages various online channels to drive audiences to owned media, and, ultimately, generate earned media.

Display & Retargeting Ads
Social Media Ads
Paid Influencers
Affiliate Networks
Pre-Roll Videos


Owned media fosters long-term engagement with existing and potential customers through campaigns and content.

Website and Blog


Earned media is the result of killer marketing execution, when your customers become a channel to give your brand credibility.


Your Internet Marketing Strategy, Converged

Converged media strategically blends two or more channels of paid, earned, and owned media, enabling brands to reach customers where they are on the Web. A converged Internet marketing strategy can include any channel, medium, or device and should integrate seamlessly with your content and social media marketing plans.

To stay ahead of the curve and take full advantage of emerging technologies, we apply converged media marketing concepts to every project. The right combination of paid, owned, and earned media is more than just effective; it’s the foundation for a killer online marketing strategy. It’s why our clients get outstanding results.

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