Paid Media

It’s not just about great creative anymore, it’s about relevancy. Without an expert at the helm navigating the murky waters of ad networks, affiliates and pricing models, you could be left feeling helpless. But we’ll never leave you stranded.

Highly targeted media planning takes the guesswork out of ad buying. Our research reveals where and how your message can reach the right people at exactly the right time. This ensures your advertising dollars are working to support your brand’s image, strategy and objectives with the ideal mix of reach, frequency and exposure.

At the onset of our engagement, gate6 will schedule a discovery meeting with your team to establish our direct line of communication, set appropriate deliverable expectations, document campaign objectives and outline overall online marketing goals. Then we will provide keyword recommendations to help maximize brand reach and budget.

Throughout the entire campaign, we will track, report, optimize and repeat to make sure you get the best-possible performance with the greatest return on your spend. It’s what you’d call a virtuous circle.

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