Analytics and Insights

Data is a diamond in the rough. Without precision analysis, you’re forced to make guesses about how to improve marketing effectiveness and systems. But fear not – our specialists cut through raw data like laser beams. We cut away the rough edges and reveal the beauty of digital insights that are hidden beneath.

Because every product, service, user and prospect are different, we develop custom reporting based on your company’s specific business goals and needs. Our proficiency in web, social and system analytics allows us to skillfully track behaviors and specific events and collect data that’s reliable and relevant. The resulting data makes decisions easier and clarifies what improvements need to be made. Then we take it one step further and provide guidance for how to make those improvements happen.

By systematically tracking, analyzing and improving, we can take your website from kind of shiny to amazingly brilliant.

Custom Reporting Based Upon Business Goals and Needs

Integrated CRM Reporting and Analysis

Google Analytics Custom Website Metrics and Tracking

Content Attribution and Channel Insights

Multivariate Testing For Conversion Optimization

On-Page Optimization Recommendations

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