Jenni Watkins

Marketing Manager

Jenni started her marketing career with the launch of the alliance of Microsoft Bing Ads and Yahoo! There, she worked alongside engineers and became the first female to be Bing Ads Certified in North America. After launching and executing multiple programs and projects, Jenni moved on to an advertising agency where she immersed herself in SEO, PPC, content development, social media, email marketing, online directories, online reputation, and developing marketing strategies. Jenni is a smart and savvy marketing professional who brings a wealth of marketing talent and know-how to the gate6 lineup.

Jenni grew up in Iowa on a tomato and onion farm that actually supplied Heinz ketchup - so there’s a chance you’ve consumed her family’s produce! In her downtime, Jenni enjoys traveling, fishing, volunteering, yoga, repurposing old items and hanging out with her two fun, quirky teenagers.

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