Gate6 takes healthcare user experience (UX) seriously. We design custom healthcare applications that meet our digital healthcare partners’ needs and exceed their expectations by delivering efficient and intuitive User Interface (UI) designs.

In the data-­intensive, fast-­paced, and highly regulated world of digital healthcare, user interfaces often suffer from being overwhelming and cumbersome. With a seasoned healthcare user experience development agency like Gate6 by your side, you can design a custom healthcare application that your providers, staff, and patients love to use.

UI is only one piece of UX

At Gate6, we understand the difference between UI and UX. We start by identifying and fully defining user the target users for your UI. Our creative design teams put that knowledge to use by creating a user interface that maximizes productivity by minimizing mouse clicks in order to direct users to the information they need, right when they need it, without wasting valuable time.

Testing is the secret to success

Every healthcare provider is different; what works for one practice might not be the most efficient for another. We put our designs to the test before we start coding. We engage actual users who fit the target personas to validate your design before, during, and after implementation. As an Agile healthcare software development agency, we are able to accommodate the needs of your users by adjusting our design throughout development to provide the best user experience possible at initial launch.

Security is paramount

Healthcare UI requires diligent and strict adherence to HIPPA and other regulatory standards. At Gate6, we keep abreast of changes and updates to all data regulations, and we understand how those rules factor into UI design and data delivery. Our development team is capable of working with complex security requirements in order to produce a system that keeps your patient data safe. Your providers, staff, and patients can be confident that your custom healthcare application adheres to every standard mandated for your practice.

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