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Okay, so we have to admit something...we love winning awards. It’s true. It kind of fires us up. However, while we love the thrill of putting that new statue on our awards shelf, we realize it’s our clients who make it all possible. We deeply appreciate the fact that our clients give us the work that inspires us every day and happens to also help us win awards. It’s a win-win, right? We think so.

Anyway, here's a peek at what's gracing the shelves of our awards cabinet right now.

Phoenix Business Journal

Every year the Phoenix Business Journal seeks out the best local businesses based on consumer feedback and research. gate6 has been awarded “Top Web Design Agency” in the Phoenix area for 8 years in a row! We are also very proud that we’ve made their “Top Mobile Application Development” list as well.

Davey Award

Our animation team took home a Gold Davey for “Best Animation / Illustration” for their work on the Ronald Mcdonald House “A McNight to Remember”. Only 10% of entries are awarded this honor. And we humbly accepted a Silver Davey for “Website Redesign.” Thank you very much.

Creativity International Awards

Since 1970, Creativity International Design Awards has been in the business of awarding great graphic design from both well established and up-and-coming graphic designers. We have won a Gold and Silver for: Video: Sales Film or Video.

Telly Awards

The Telly Awards honors the best in TV and Cable, Digital and Streaming, and Non-Broadcast Productions. Over the years, we have been awarded many Tellys for: Videography/Cinematography, Motivational Video, Use of Animation, Online Commercials and -Infomercials. We have won many Silver Statuettes which are the highest honor; placing us in the top % out of 12,000 entries. We also boast numerous Bronze Statuettes in our esteemed (and prominently placed) trophy case.

AVA Digital Awards

AVA Digital Awards is an international competition that recognizes excellence by creative professionals responsible for the planning, concept, direction, design and production of digital communication. Out of 2,500 average entries, only the top 15% are awarded a Platinum honor. We have won multiple Platinums and Golds in the following categories: Video: Motion Graphics Design, Video: Web Video / Editing, Video: Web Video / Company Overview, Video: Web Video / Videography, and Video: Motion Graphics Design.

Hermes Awards

Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional materials and programs, and emerging technologies. Winners range in size from individual communicators to media conglomerates and Fortune 500 companies. We have two of the highest honor – Platinum Statuettes – for our work in these areas: Video: Motion Graphics and Video: Marketing (Product).

Summit Creative Award

The Summit Emerging Media Award (EMA) – This Award evolved through a need to recognize and celebrate creativity, innovation and those pushing the bounds of creative excellence in all forms of emerging media. Only the top 15% of entries win awards and we won a Bronze for Video: Product/Service Promotion.

The Aurora Awards

The Aurora Awards presents the highest quality of reviews in the regional, independent, and internet classification of industry film awards – works not released to all five major networks or prime-time national presentation. Check out the video categories we have won over the years: Use of Animation, Art Direction, and Product Overview.

The Videographer Awards

The Videographer Awards is one of the oldest (20+ years old) and most respected “anything video” awards programs. Our winnings throughout the years include the following video categories: Motion Graphics Design, Company Overview, Marketing (Service), Graphics/Design, Directing, Editing, Marketing (Product), Medical External, and Videography.

W3 Awards

The W³ Awards honors creative excellence on the web, and recognizes the creative and marketing professionals behind award winning sites, videos and marketing programs. We have earned many W3s over the years for: Video: Promotional/Branding, Video: Editing, Video: Promotional/Branding, Video: Design, Video: Motion Graphics, Website: Non-Profit, and Website: Visual Appeal.

The Communicator

The Communicator Awards is the leading international awards program for big ideas in marketing and communications. This competition receives more than 6,000 entries each year, and we have won in the numerous categories: Video: Cinematography, Environmental Advertising, Websites: Legal Services, Corporate Identity: Logo, Video: Use of Animation, Websites: Automotive, and Video: Branded Content.

Marcom Awards

MarCom Awards recognizes outstanding achievement by creative professionals involved in the concept, direction, design and production of marketing and communication materials and programs. It is one of the oldest, largest and most prestigious creative competitions in the world averaging 6,500 entries each year. And we have taken home awards in: Video: Motion Graphics, Video: Marketing Product or Service, Video: Marketing, Video: Company Overview, Website: Design, and Website: Corporate.

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