Why gate6

Let’s be frank. There are dozens of agencies locally and thousands nationally. Most say the same things. We make great stuff! We’re creative! We understand your customer! We do tech! It’s increasingly difficult to choose from a sea of seemingly qualified techy hipsters.

Here’s what matters to us.

make it useful or don't make it

Building an app or site that simply works isn’t enough. It needs to be so beautiful and easy to use that users enjoy the experience and develop an emotional tie to it. So many things go into this that you need to have experts from every discipline to get it right.

started from the bottom now we’re here

Because our company started near the dawn of the internet, you can rely on our 20+ years of expertise. Our roots are in technology. Oh, and it may be a given, but we use Agile. There is no better method for delivering what you need when you need it.

don’t be frontin’ ―keep it real

We have a no nonsense approach to problem solving. By encouraging frank collaboration we create the best possible solution, and we don’t puff up egos or cater to the HIPPO. By staying ego free creating the best product is the focus, not the person with the loudest voice.

we’ve got that loving feeling

We all have to earn a paycheck. Why not enjoy yourself while you’re earning it? We do this work because we love it. Creating stuff is amazing, brain-breaking, patience testing work, and exhilarating. Come make great things and have fun with us.

If this stuff matters to you then we’re a great match.

We’ll make beautiful things together. If you need to see work samples, awards, and testimonials, we have those too. Otherwise…

Let's Do This