• Knight Logistics
    Knight Logistics

    Knight-Swift Transportation, the largest truckload carrier in the U.S., wanted to help their carrier partners by providing them with a way to find, book, and run loads more easily.

    Over the next several months we worked together to create a comprehensive web and mobile app experience for dispatchers and drivers that walked them through finding a load to billing after delivery. Through early and continuous testing, we released a product that delivered much-needed support to carriers and solidified Knight-Swift’s leadership in truckload brokerage.

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  • VMI

    VMI needed to effectively communicate the benefits of a mobility vehicle that looks like any other vehicle from the outside. Visitors needed to easily search inventory, find product details, and purchasing programs.

    The brand-new VMI website uses a variety of imagery which establishes an emotional connection and guides visitors through the content with clearer navigation. Product interactions like the 360-degree video tours help visitors feel like they’re in a showroom, even from the comfort of their own homes. VMI’s improved website helps its customers and prospects get what they need faster.

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  • Store capital
    Store capital

    The website for Store Capital did not clearly present the variety of solutions they offered. Navigation was unnecessarily complicated, and visitors often left before reaching important content.

    With a redesign based on improved information architecture and ease of use, Store Capital’s new website offers a vastly improved user experience. Visitors to the site can easily find solutions directly from the home page, responsive design makes mobile usage just as easy as desktop, and refreshed video content modernizes the company’s image while engaging visitors.

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  • SDI

    Patients who need to schedule a radiology service must call during business hours and because of varying call volumes, often wait on hold. SDI wanted to help patients schedule at their convenience, but needed a development agency who could handle the complex business logic and EMR.

    Introducing Appointment Avenue, the first appointment booking system that schedules directly into the Radiology Information System (RIS). The complexity of scheduling various procedures across ~20 locations, a wide variety of equipment, and hundreds of employees, has been made seamless. Patients can now schedule an appointment online in just a couple minutes.

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  • Triton

    Pool maintenance requires a wide variety of detailed steps. This complexity is compacted by a transient workforce which requires frequent management and oversight. The solution was creating a system of internet connected devices, machine learning, and process automation in the field and the office.

    Introducing Triton, the very first system for pool maintenance automation. Using Raspberry Pi devices for activity data, the mobile app steps the cleaner through the job, warning when steps are missed. Each job’s activities are monitored through a manager’s dashboard, helping to address issues in the field in real time and maintaining overall quality.

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  • Northern Arizona Heathcare
    Northern Arizona Heathcare

    The existing employee intranet was outdated, frustrating for users, and underutilized. We worked with stakeholders and tested with users to statistically confirm that the newly proposed information architecture (IA) delivered faster, easier task completion against the existing IA. Wireframes based on the new IA were tested with a cross-section of the diverse NAH employee population.

    Using what we learned from testing wireframes, we created designs and an interaction guide to ensure consistency throughout implementation and across device types from desktop to smartphone. 
The resulting intranet met stakeholder requirements and delighted users across the organization.

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